Friday, January 13, 2012

10 Things I Do/Say/Watch that I Don't Want My Kids to Do

We all do it.  I know that I am guilty of this.  We all do things that we don't want our kids to do.  We all have TV shows that we watch that there is no way we would ever want our kids watching.  We all say things that we would never want our kids to repeat (and no, I'm not talking about cussing).  If we don't want our kids to do them, then why do we do these things in front of them?  They want to be just like us, they learn from us.  Yet the lesson we are teaching for some things is "Do as I say, not as I do."  Here are the top 10 things I do/say/watch that I don't want my kids to do:

1.  I watch "Jersey Shore."  I know that I am an adult and I can watch this if I want to (and for some reason unknown to me, I love to watch this trainwreck of a show).  However, this is not something that I necessarily want my kids knowing that I watch because that would make the show acceptable to them (which it is NOT).  Does this make me a hypocrite?  Yes, it does, parenting makes you a hypocrite if you do it right.

2.  I eat raw cookie dough.  Right in front of my kids while I am telling them that they can't have any  because it could make them sick and die.  Now what kind of message does this send?  Either that I am lying and I just want it all to myself (which I do), that I'm not important because it doesn't matter if I get sick and die, or "do as I say, not as I do."

3.  I have (in the past) used the phrase "that's retarded."  Now, let me say that I have not said that phrase in over a year (I'll get to that in a minute).  Before that, I never stopped and thought about how offensive that remark can be.  Look at your sweet little baby (even if that "baby" is 50), could you ever imagine anyone referring to him/her as retarded in a derrogatory way because he/she had some kind of disability?  What if that someone was referring to a situation that was "retarded," meaning that they thought the situation was stupid.  Now they have said that your child is too.  To you your child is perfect, no matter what, but one word could completely crush you and/or your child because someone was using that word as slang in a derrogatory way.  When my youngest was born in 2010, they thought she had Downs Syndrome.  After genetic testing, it was determined that she didn't, but I have never said the word "retarded" again.  I am ashamed that I ever did and that it took something so personal to realize how wrong I had been.  Don't let that happen to you, just stop using it.

4.  I watch "Teen Mom."  Again, another train wreck that is wrongly entertaining.  This show (as has been said before by many others) makes celebrities out of these kids and glamorizes teenage pregnancy.  I live in a state that has one of the highest numbers for teenage pregnancy, I certainly don't want to promote it, but this is what I am doing when I watch this show.  Now granted my kids don't know I am watching it, but what if they did?  It doesn't say much for me.

5.  My bedroom isn't always clean.  But I expect theirs to be.  Whenever I tell my kids to go pick up their rooms, my six-year-old always wants to know how come I never have to clean my room.  My reply is usually something along the lines of "I clean the whole house and all I ask you to do is clean your room, my room doesn't matter."  This is actually a knee-jerk reaction because I feel so guilty when she says that.  Guess I had better start leading by example.

6.  I eat a lot of candy.  But I tell them it will rot their teeth and cause a stomach ache and they can only have one piece.  Then I go sit in my closet with the door shut and eat a lot more than one piece. 

7.  I drink Cokes.  I tell them that cokes (our word in the south for all sodas) are not good for you and they are not allowed to have them.  Yet I drink one or two in front of them every day.  Again, this is not saying much about how I feel about my health and if I don't care about my health what kind of message is that sending to them about how they should take care of theirs?

8.  I procrastinate.  But I preach to them the value of getting things done early.  What am I going to do when they realize that I don't practice what I preach? 

9.  I waste time reading Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.  If you added it all up, I waste tons of time.  I tell my kids to use their time wisely as I sit in front of the computer zoned out.  Maybe they don't notice.

10.  I drive fast.  I can't help it, I'm always in a hurry.  However, I don't want my kids to think that this is the way to drive when they start driving.  I need to work on that.  Right after I get my Coke, my candy, find the remote under the magazines, and watch "Jersey Shore," you know it is in its 5th season.  Apparently I'm not the only trainwreck watcher.....


  1. I'm so guilty of these as well. I love Jersey Shore.
    Kids learn by example, and there are areas I could do better.
    I understand what you mean about saying "retarded". My cousin has down syndrome and most of my family gets mad when someone uses that word.

    I'm a new follower, found you on Bloggy Moms. I look forward to reading more :)

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  4. they still know you are doing what you say you are not doing and they will follow your example and say they are not doing what they are doing!

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  8. Excellent list - and a real eye opener.
    Good reminder.
    I need to make a list of my own.


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