Monday, January 9, 2012

3 Types of Moms Showcased in Elementary School Projects

It's time for the Reading Fair at my third grader's school.  I would like to be blase about this, but I have to face it, I just can't be.  Reading fairs, science fairs, social study fairs, all school fairs bring out the worst mom competitions because let's be honest, do the 8 year olds really care that much about their project?  No, but we do.  Well, some of us do.  Unfortunately, I am one of "those" moms.  At least I admit it, some don't.  There are actually categories for moms (and yes, every mom falls into one of these if they are just honest with themselves) during these project events.

First, you have the "over achiever" mom.  These moms are the ones who feel like their child's project is somehow a reflection of them (not their child) and their ability to do an elementary project.  It becomes a competition (even if the very ones they are competing against are unaware of said competition) with every project in the class.  It has to have the most imagination, the best creativity, the neatest, etc.  Basically it is a reflection of how a 20-something to 40-something year old interprets the book/science project/history project/etc instead of how the child interprets the project (which was the actual point of the whole project, but that doesn't matter).  The goal of having "the best" project is all that this "over achiever" mom can see.

Next you have the "I-want-my-child-to-do-a-good-job-so-I-will-help-a-little" mom.  These moms are the ones who want their child to have a great project, but they aren't going to do it for them.  This being said, they also aren't going to let the child do the project by themselves.  They will help a little so that it is neat, pleasant to view, and will receive a good grade.  These moms actually teach their child the importance of working hard on a project to receive a good grade instead of working hard so that they can be the best in the class.  This is the mom I want to be, but it takes every fiber of my being to do so because I am the "over achiever" and I can't help it, it's my type-A personality.

Last you have the "under achiever" mom.  These moms don't care.  Seriously they don't.  As long as their child has something to turn in, they do not care what the project looks like.  They let their child do the entire thing with no parent guidance or direction.  The children of these moms always make me sad when I see their projects next to the children of the other two types of moms.  It is because of the other two types that these childrens' projects look so pitiful.  These moms need to wake up and realize that just because the teacher said that the child is to do the project by themselves doesn't really mean that they are to do it by themselves.  It's like telling your child that it is their responsibilty to keep their room clean.  Do you really never go in there to do a little sprucing up?  Do you really leave it up to your elementary age child?  If you do, then there are other problems we need to discuss, email me.

Just like the carpool line or mothers-morning-out drop off brings out the "sweat pants" mom and the "designer jeans" mom, these fairs bring out these three types of mom.  And by the way, "designer jeans" moms, you aren't fooling anyone, we all know you don't do mom chores in those jeans and those shoes so save them for actually going into the school instead of standing out by your car in the line chatting with other people while waiting to pick up your child.  I say this with affection, some of my best friends are "designer jeans" moms.  I obviously am a "sweat pants" mom.  I have some jeans somewhere....they are under the pile of toys that need stitching and the laundry that needs folding.  I will fnd them for the next activity at the school, but I won't be wearing them for the twenty minutes in the carpool line.  I am digressing, I guess I had better go throw on my sweat pants and pack up the baby to go to the craft store to buy the things needed for this project because, unfortunately, this "sweat pants" mom is also an "over achiever" mom and this will not change.

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  1. I have to admit, I have dropped my son off in the carpool line in basically my pajamas. I would NEVER go into the school like that, but I quickly drop him off and pray no one notices. He has to be there so dang early! I like the middle mom the best, too. I remember my parents making me work so hard on projects. They helped a lot, but I think you could tell it was my work mostly. Anyway, thanks for linking this up to #findingthefunny last week. I enjoyed it!


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