Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Finality of It All

I have never had a problem with cleaning out my children's rooms.  I have never had a problem with putting things away that they had outgrown.  Whether it was toys or clothes, I had not one problem with putting it away.  Until now.  We have three girls.  My youngest child is one, and I am unable to get rid of the things she has outgrown.  It's harder this time around, her things aren't going into the attic.  I really have to give these things away.  Before, with my other two children, I would put these things in the attic with the thought "maybe someday I will use them again if we have another baby."  Not this time.  We aren't having anymore.  Never again will I have a need to use the baby swing or the bouncy seat or the baby bathtub or need the newborn clothes.  These things will not be needed again at my house.  And that is the problem.  The finality of it all.  I can't deal with the thought of "I will never have a baby again."  Something about that just seems so sad to me.  It's not even that I want another baby, I'm so blessed to have the three that we have that I would never complain.  I just don't know how to deal with this feeling.

By looking at my garage, I'm not dealing with this, I am pushing it away in a corner and plan on dealing with it later.  Maybe by the time "later" happens, my youngest will have hit "the terrible twos" and I won't know why I had such a problem with this in the first place.

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  1. The terrible twos will do the trick for sure! It's definitely sad to pack things away. Just save the things you love and sell the rest. One thing I did, since I have a daughter, I let her use the baby clothes that I couldn't part with (including my son's) for her dolls. That way they are always a part of us and I see them frequently. I remember using my baby clothes on my dolls as a kid. Good luck!


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