Friday, April 27, 2012

I'm a Survior, I'm Gonna Make It...

As a parent, we have goals that we achieve to meet on a weekly basis.  Some weeks are spent trying to get a certain amount of things accomplished.  There are weeks that are spent with the goal of a clean house.  Others are spent trying to attain the goal of taking a shower without a person under 4 feet knocking on the shower door.  My goal for this week was to just get through it and come out on the other side with my sanity in tact.  Let's be honest, a lot of weeks are spent just trying to get through it with my sanity in tact.

When the phone rings at my house during the school day, I get nervous.  I do not want to answer it.  I do not even want to look at the caller id (I can't believe we use to live without that).  You know that you do it too.  Your palms get sweaty, your heart skips a beat, and your mouth gets dry.  Well, you do this if your kids are school-aged.  At my house, nine times out of ten, that phone call is from the school telling me that someone is sick or hurt.  That is always the begining of the snowball effect.  One kid get sick, another one gets sick, then the other one, and then they all trade illnesses or share them.  I'm all for kids sharing, but what kids have been sharing with my kids lately (apparently a lot of germs), I could have done without.

This week we didn't even make it to noon on Monday before we got that dreaded call from the school.  My kindergartner had an earache (3rd one in as many weeks).  Here is where I have to admit that I did not really believe her.  She is my child that does not want to go to school, she wants to stay with me all day.  I feel as if sometimes she likes to make up excuses to come home, and she has found that the ear excuse works because she does have ear problems.  So being the smart mommy that I was giving myself credit to be, I picked her up and took her to the doctor to prove that she was not sick.  As we were
sitting in the waiting room at the doctor's office, she was almost in tears because she said that her ear hurt so bad.  I was starting to believe her, and feeling a little guilty at my doubt.  Meanwhile, my one-year-old who had to come along for the ride kept breaking free of my restraint and was running around the waiting room.  I was thankful that there were no sick children in the waiting room, only those in the well child waiting room that my toddler kept running up to.  After we got called back to see the doctor, I found out that my kindergartner did in fact have an ear infection.  At this point I was feeling pretty bad about not believing her ("mommy guilt").  Before the doctor got out of the room, I asked him to look at a
rash that my one-year-old had developed over the weekend to see if there was some kind of medicine that would make it go away.  However, it was not a rash, he diagnosed her with the chicken pox.  That's right, I said "chicken pox."  At this point I thought he was joking, I mean she had been vaccinated and this is not supposed to happen, that's why she had the shot.  Apparently I was wrong and they can still contract the chicken pox after the vaccination, just not as extreme of a case.  They wouldn't let us leave out the lobby after that,  In fact, they took my money for the visit in the room and checked us out there and made us leave out of the back door so that we wouldn't infect anyone in the office.  Sorry to the people in the well child waiting room that my chicken pox infected child was playing with, didn't know she was sick too....oops.  Oh and, since she was probably infected two weeks ago (because it takes that many weeks for them to break out), we probably infected the entire state and the neighboring states, double oops.  Just do not come knocking on my door in anger when an epidemic breaks out.

Thankfully my oldest child was not sick.  She was the only one that for the majority of the week I allowed to brave the mass public at school, while hoping that she did not catch some highly contagious infectious disease to bring home and share with the rest of us.  Did I mention that my husband was not home this week?  He did not get to share any of these wonderful experiences with us.  But my other kids did share.  The cold that caused te kindergartener to have the ear infection has been shared with the chicken pox girl (that makes for an even more miserable sleepness night) and the oldest child that was well. 
And as I sit here typing, I have begun to sneeze.  So you see, my goal for the week is to just make it through it and come out on the other side, which we almost have.... - Do you know how hard my week has been? Do you??!!!


  1. Oh, those school phone calls!

    One of my Grandsons recently had tubes put in his ears. Everything was fine after and he returned to school. Within two hours, the nurse called to state that "there was blood gushing from his ear" daughter immediately raced to school. Once she arrived and checked Matt's ear, there was no "gushing", just a scant amount of dried blood from the tube insertion.

    One more missed day of school, one more doctor visit followed up by a call from the Pediatrician to the school nurse to advise her to learn the difference between dried and gushing.

    Certainly better safe than sorry but, sometimes, schools push the panic button where they shouldn't and ignore really BIG Head Lice. a story for another day!

    Hope everyone in your home feels better soon!

    1. Thanks!! Tubes...yuck, with three kids, we have had them five times so far. As far as head lice goes....we've had that this year too: It Happened To Us


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