Friday, April 20, 2012

Seriously? Am I Being Punk'd?

Lately I have been looking around and trying to see if I see Ashton Kutcher.  Then I realized that he is old-school, so now I have been looking for Justin Bieber.  You see, lately I feel as if I am an a never-ending episode of Punk'd.  Seriously, I'm just waiting for someone to jump out and tell me that it is all a big joke, that none of this was real.  Sadly, no one does, so I trudge along usually feeling like I have been run over by a bus that I am sure my kids were driving.

I am blaming most of this on my husband, even though it is really not his fault (don't tell him that, it would ruin everything).  He has had to go out of town here recently and when he does, thing seem to really go down hill.  One kid developed pink eye, another one got an ear infection, and yet another one got a bladder infection.  Then the bladder infection went away, and she got an ear infection.  The one with the ear infection got well and then developed some form of school phobia.  The one with the pink eye got over it, and, because she is the oldest, was threatened to not get sick again or Mommy might die.  Oh, and the dog ran away, the cat started hocking up fur balls, and I lost a toe nail when ear-infection girl (the first one with it) stepped on my foot while trying to avoid the contagious hug from the pink-eye girl.  But, we eventually found the dog.  Just as I thought they were going to have to put me in a padded room, my husband came back and everyone seemed to miraculously get well (except for the school phobia, but that is for another story).

However, once the dominoes started falling, there have been events that still have me looking around for the Punk'd people.  Like the school phobia kid falling and doing the splits in a shallow, water-filled, muddy ditch when wearing the brand-new white dress I had just bought her to try to bribe her into wanting to go to school.  Oh, and we were not at home, so we had to drop everything and leave.  After we got home and I had gotten her clean and put the one-year-old down for a nap, I discovered that the one-year-old (who I had thought was asleep) had taken off her dirty diaper in the bed and made a mess with it.  Apparently, because I caught her doing something she was not supposed to be doing, I scared her when I came into her room  and she peed everywhere (keep in mind she was not wearing her diaper).  My husband is going out of town again today so  please excuse me while I go hide out in my dark garage for a little while hoping that no one under 5 feet tall finds me... - I am going to get a drink, go into the garage, sit in the dark, and hope that no one under 5 ft. tall can find me...


  1. Oh, no! Doesn't that kind of stuff always happen when the husband is not there? I will be on the look out for Ashton and will tell him to leave you alone!

  2. I love this! My husband travels alot and I have been in that boat many times. Why do they wait for him to leave to through the proverbial sh&* to the fan??? Came from finding the funny!


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