Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Unspoken Rules Parents Ignore

School programs.  If you have school-aged children, you have been to at least one of these.  If your child has been in school for several years, you have been to a countless number of these.  Still, parents seem to not understand the rules of a school program.  Apparently all politeness goes out in the window with the parents' goal of seeing their child.  Because they are the only child in the program.  At least that is the impression that some parents give.  There are rules, unspoken ones that should be followed by all in attendance.

First of all, if you bring smaller children to the program, which I do, please do not allow them to stand in their chair in order to see.  There are people behind them who would also like to see.  I do not care if you are in the back row, it is still rude.  If you want your smaller child to see, stand in the back and hold them up.  Or, now here is a bright idea, get there early enough to get a front row seat.  I know that this is hard, so just order the video and your smaller child can watch it on tv.

Second, for those parents who brought another child with them, please do not let them "roam."  They are not in a pasture, they should be sitting down.  I do not care how cute they are, they are disturbing the other people who are trying to watch the program.  Yes, these people are there to see their kids, not yours, so make your munchkins stay in their seat.  Or strap them down in a stroller like I do mine.

Next, if there are people standing up at the back of the room or on the sides, do not stand in front of them.  You are not a window, they cannot see through youI don't care if you are shorter, they were there first and they are standing there for a reason: to see their kid in the program.  If you stand in front of them, they cannot see.  Oh, and do not act surprised if you receive a "look" as they step around you in order to see.

The last one goes out to the school.  Stop scheduling programs so early in the morning.  When you do this, the parents who are trying to attend the program are fighting the car pool line and buses to try to get into the school parking lot to park and get into the school in order to get a seat before they are all taken so they don't end up sitting behind a child who is standing in their seat.

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