Friday, May 4, 2012

Carpool Road Rage

We have all had those mornings.  Those morning when nothing seems to be going right when trying to get out the door to take the kids to school.  In my defense though, I do not usually take the kids to school, my husband does.  But he too was running late so I had to do it.  So by 7:30 this morning, it had already been one of those mornings.
Not only could my third grader not find her glasses, we could not find the car keys.  After ten minutes of searching, we fiinally found them and got the kids in the van (yes, a minivan, I like it because it hoards, I mean holds, all of our "stuff", I even wrote a blog post about it.) I opened the garage door to find out my husband's car was parked behind me.  Change of plans, we switched cars. We got half way through the neighborhood, and my third grader said she forgot the cookies for her picnic (the ones that I had reminded her to grab on the way out of the door).  I threw the car in reverse and drove through half of the neighborhood backwards (which I'm sure caused some scorn from the people drinking their coffee on their front porch), but she got her cookies.  Meanwhile I had to convince my kindergartner that I was not mad at her sister, I was just frustrated with myself because I could not get it together this morning.  She replied that it was Daddy's fault because he was running too late to take them to school.  I dropped it at that, it made me look better. 
By the time that we got to the school to get in the carpool line, the kids had about three minutes until the bell rang.  So, that hostile parent in the carpool line that was honking their horn because they got cut off?  Yeah, that was me this morning.  That guy getting out of his car to talk to the person who was honking at him?  Yeah, that was me he got out to go talk to.  "Was my signal light not working?"  "No, moron, your brain wasn't working."  No, I did not actually say that, but I wanted to.  However, I had kids in the car and my cooler head prevailed. The person with the embarrassed kids because their mom made a scene in the carpool line?  That was NOT me this morning because my kids were yelling about how the driver of that car could not drive.  I don't know whether to be proud or seek therapy for my obvious road rage issue.  At least I was in my husband's car, so now people will think he is the one with the carpool road rage and not me.  As for me?  This needs to be added to my list of "The Top 5 Reasons I Will Not Receive the Mother of the Year Award."

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  1. Great post. Gotta love that early morning chaos. = )


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