Friday, May 25, 2012

Hi, My Name is _____, and I am a Fad Follower

I am a fad follower.  Sad, but true.  I jumped on the South Beach diet bandwagon back in '04 and the Sugar Busters diet in '00.  None of those lasted, but I took what I needed from them and learned some things in the process.  I've moved on.  Now I am on to organic foods, no dairy, and as little meat as possible (at most, three times a week).  I know, I know, it sounds drastic and impossible.  But is it?  We are on day 3 and we seem just fine (actually more than fine because I have lost 2 pounds, bonus). 

Here is how it started.  My kids (ages 8 and 6) were watching a farm show for kids with my one year old.  My six year old thought that the chickens were cute.  My eight year old wanted a pet pig.  Then we sat down to eat supper.  We were having chicken, some vegetables, and a salad (with bacon pieces).  My six year old asked if she was really eating a chicken like she just saw on tv.  When I told her yes, she started to cry.  My eight year old told her just to eat her vegetables and salad so she would not have to eat the chicken.  Then a conversation started about where bacon came from.  The salad was not eaten after that.  I had gotten through eight years of parenting and had never had these kind of questions from them (I had considered myself lucky).  So, with my one-year-old never eating anything, I decided to go buy a book on what to feed these kids who had obviously become adverse to eating animals that they wanted to pet.

I bought The Organic Nanny's guide to Raising Healthy Kids.  It was a great book, made a lot of sense, and it made me want to buy organic vegetables because the thought of the pesticides in foods was a little more that I wanted to ingest (or maybe I should have said digest).  I won't go into the specifics because you can look those up for yourself.  The amazing part of this is that I got my kids on board with me (well, they vetoed meat by themselves, but they got on the organic train with me).  The thought of going to the store and picking out the fruit that they wanted and the vegetables that they wanted was exciting for them (not such a great thrill for me, I hate grocery shopping, but I enjoyed the fact that they liked it).

Going organic and virtually meatless was easy because my husband and kids were on board.  The one that I was worried about was the no dairy.  My reasons for this were more health related than anything else.  Two of my children have chronic ear infections, one (and I am thinking as of lately two) has asthma, and they all have sinus issues.  There are studies to support that milk (dairy) might help contribute to these things.  All three of my kids had colic, and the younger two were switched to soy formula which appeared to stop the colic.  When they were switched to dairy milk at a year, they have seemed to develop gastrointestinal issues.  We have been at our wits end with ear infections (among everything else, if you have been reading my blog, you know what I am talking about), so cutting dairy from our diet seems like the smart choice at this point to see if it helps.

The first meal that I cooked that was completely organic and vegan was actually really good.  We did not even miss the meat, not even my husband.  (I will post the recipe for this meal)  The interesting part?  The kid (one year old) who never eats anything since she got off of her organic baby food (the only baby food she would eat), has actually eaten everything I have prepared since jumping on this bandwagon.  Maybe she was trying to tell us something all along.

All of the food that the kids chose at the store.


  1. oh em gee. We had pretty much the same exact realization at the dinner table with my kids back in March. We have been vegetarians/mostly vegans ever since.

    Here's my blog post about our dinner conversation:

    See the parallels? Isn't that funny?

    1. The parallels between out kids' revelations about meat are pretty funny! How are y'all doing as vegans? (I left a comment on your blog about this too)

  2. I honestly could do without meat. We do a lot of meatless dishes anyway...but the dairy would be my really hard part! I'm a cheese adict! Can't wait to see how it goes for you!

    1. The dairy has been hard for us too. I too love cheese, lol. Supposedly there is something addictive in cheese that makes you want more (I seriously read this somewhere). Fortunately, I haven't broken down (yet)!


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