Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Khloe Kardashian Talked to Me

Ok, so the title is not all this blog post is about, although it did happen, I just needed to get your attention so that you would read this post.  I do plan on telling the KK story, so make sure you stick around and finish reading this if that is the only reason you are here.  Who knows, you might laugh. 

I decided to take all three of my kids the swimming pool by myself.  I know, I am either crazy or amazing, and I can guarantee it is not the latter.  However, it was not that bad, even though I was sure those were the ingredients to a recipe for disaster.  Of course, there might have been reasons why this isolated even was not so terrible.  We actually missed the crowd, so there were no little kids splashing my one-year-old by doing cannon balls in the shallow end beside the "No Jumping in the Pool" sign while their moms, covered in oil, lay frying themselves on their towel beside the pool reading their phone and forgetting that they have kids that they are supposed to be watching.  Or maybe it is because my oldest can swim so there was a little less stress associated with her being in the water.  My middle child can sort of swim, but she is more interested in pretending to be a mermaid sitting on the steps.  Of course this is also the child who can be heard from the back of our house saying "kids, don't try this at home" followed by a loud crash and "ummm, I'm ok, but don't come back here," so she does need to be watched (constantly).  My one-year-old actually likes the water, so she did not scream at the water's cold temperature, that was me screaming.  I also took her stroller with us (I know, it seems like a strange concept at the pool, but keep reading), not because I wanted some place to put her when she got tired, but with three kids, the amount of things I had to bring to the pool would have required additional fees had I been checking baggage at the airport.

So even after I so graciously and selflessly took my offspring to the pool so that they would have a fun, memory-filled childhood, later (after we had gotten home) the older two had the nerve to tell me that they were "bored."  I do not know about you, but in my house that is a bad word.  Actually my middle child said the word while her older sister was trying to hurdle furniture to put a hand over her mouth to keep her from saying "that word."  I will not go into the details of what happened next, but I will just tell you that my baseboards in the bathrooms are now clean and my kids are no longer bored.  I am sure that made for a great memory.

As far as Khloe Kardashian goes, I tweeted her on Twitter, and she replied to my tweet.  So, see, I did talk to her.  Josh Wolf (you know, one of the comedians on Chelsea Lately) also responded to one of my tweets.  Sure, that is not a big deal to most people, and that is fine.  However, to this sleep deprived mommy who was sleeping on damp sheets because she realized that her kids put their wet bathing suits on her side of the bed but was too tired to change the sheets, it was a big deal and made my night.  Actually, that did not make my night, my one-year-old sleeping through the night for the first time since she was born made my night, but KK was a nice bonus. - So a famous person

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  1. Ah, the daredevil child. One of my cousins has a daughter with zero sense of self preservation. I don't know if we should tell her about Evel Keneivel as a cautionary tale, or if she'd just see him as a role model.


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