Monday, July 2, 2012

You Brought Home a What??!!

I have not written a blog post in a few weeks.  Things have been busy around here, the kids have been sick (shocking), we have been out of town, my knee is messed up, oh, and my husband brought home a dog.  You read that right, a dog, a six week old puppy.  Without asking if I would like one.  Ok, well, let's be completely honest, he had hinted about a dog the night before he actually brought one home, and I basically told him that I would kill him if he went through with that decision.  Apparently he did not listen, or did not care, because the next afternoon we had a dog.

The problem is that I could not tell him to take it back because all of the kids went nuts over this little ball of fur, and it was going to make me look like the bad guy.  Oh, it is a Yorkie (cut the "awwws", I know they are cute, but I was not in the market for another dog).  You see, we have a dog; a four year old weenie dog that bites anyone that comes to visit.  And we have a cat.  And an almost two-year-old; you see where this is heading, right?  I get to potty train and house train for the whole next year, happy summer/fall/winter/spring to me.  Apparently our house did not have enough drama for my  husband, he felt the need to go out an purchase some more.  And on that note, we could have gone on a weekend family vacation for what he paid for that dog.

Now, my husband promised that he would take care of the dog, but he is at work for a good twelve hours of the day, so guess who gets to take care of the dog for half of the day?  The one who did not want another dog in the first place: me.  And guess who gets to take care of the dog for the second half of the day in which it is asleep because it is nighttime?  My husband, the one who thought having a "friend" for our other dog would be fun.  I have news for him, our other dog did not want any friends, she was just fine terrorizing the cat.

I will have to admit that the little fur ball was winning me over with his cuteness before he pooped on my shoe while I was wearing it.  Did I mention that they were flip flops?  I will let your imagination take you from there.  Meanwhile, my husband had the audacity to get aggrivated when the dog wanted out at 4:30 one morning because he had just taken him out two hours before (to his credit, he usually takes the dog out in the middle of the night, a little because I refuse and mostly because I put the whinning dog's crate on his side of the bed so the dog could wake him up).  These are the times that I have to remind him that he brought this drama, I mean dog, home, and I get up at least three times a night with our almost two-year-old who refuses to sleep continuously.

For you dog lovers out there, I am not being mean about the dog,  Most of the time I agree that he is a cute little piece of fur (he is a teacup Yorkie, he will always be tiny), but then that piece of fur starts whining and does not wait for someone to get him out of his cage before he poops in it, so I am left to clean out the cage while my husband takes the dog out.  I might rather take the dog out at 3 am than to clean out his cage.  The dog is cute, I think he is great, but my husband is still sleeping in the doghouse for this one...

Advice for husbands: if your wife tells you she will kill you if you make a certain decision and your friends try to talk you out of it by telling you that your wife is going to kill you, it is probably not a good, sound decision to go ahead and do it anyway. - Is there not enough drama in this house with 3 kids? Do you really feel as if you need to add to it??!!


  1. Oh poor you! That is a deal breaker of sorts!

    Happy SITS Saturday Share!

  2. Oh my! I don't think I could handle. Yorkies are cute though.

    Popping over from SITS today.

  3. Well, at least your husband will have a new buddy to join him in the doghouse! Stopping by from SITS!

  4. Ooooh shame! I would love a puppy, but my boyfriend refuses.
    I hope the puppy becomes a little better soon. We have a pocket yorkie at my parents' home - a little bigger and not quite so whiney.
    Visiting via SITS Sharefest :)

  5. I know this is an older post but I just had to comment because I am 8 months pregnant with my 4TH CHILD that was NOT planned, actually a child that broke through 2 forms of birth control... anyway, my dear husband brought home an 8 week old chihuaha (sp) puppy 3 months ago. No question or comment on it, and THEN he showed it to the daughters first, the 4, 8 and 11 year old, FIRST, so that I was the mean parent when I cussed and ranted that there should not be another living thing in our house. (We have a 2 year old big dog, a bunny (that I regret) and all of us. Our kids are lucky that they get fed around here. I feel your pain and call bulls***!

    1. Rebecca, I feel your pain as well! I still throw out the "you brought him here" anytime that dog does something that really irritates me (which is several times a day, lol)!!

  6. My husband just brought home a dog, that he took our kids with him to buy, and came home thinking I would think it was great. We have two large dogs as it is, I told him I was furious and so he is gone right now, taking it back. Luckily, it was an adoptable pet from the pound, and it was adorable, so I am sure someone will want it. He just spent $35 to pick up a dog and take it back. My son was like, are you sure Jenna is OK with this?? So now, he is upset but I was like, either they can be upset for a little while or I can deal with a large male dog for 12 years, along with my other two large female dogs. I told him from now on, I don't care how much the kids beg for him to take them to look at puppies he isn't allowed to go.


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