Friday, August 10, 2012

Life Gets Hard After Kindergarten

School has started for my two oldest children.  To be a little more specific, the fake illnesses and car pool line rage has started.  There is nothing like hundreds of parents trying to drop off their elementary students at school to spark a road rage like nothing seen on the highway.  To be honest, I would have no problems with the car pool line if it were not for the clueless people who refuse to follow the rules or are so lost in their own world that they do not realize that there are other people in the world around them that would like to coexist without being ticked off to the point of screaming and honking their horn.  Not that I ever do the latter, well, much anyway.  Although that has happened, you can read about that here

The first day of school is important to every child.  For the parents too if we really want to be honest.  Probably even more so for us.  No matter how much some of us like to pretend that we cannot wait for our kids to go back to school at the end of the summer, let's face it, it is easier for them to be at home.  When they are at home there is no homework to check over, no school anxieties to deal with, no getting up at the butt crack of dawn to take our kids somewhere that we just have to turn around and wait in a car  pool line for an hour to pick them up.  See, summer is easier.  During the summer, I did not have to peel one child off of my leg to leave her somewhere or have the other child disown me publicly.  Summer was easier on my ego....well, if we leave the having to wear a bathing suit at the pool part.

My middle child started first grade this week, and, after dealing with school anxiety in kindergarten, we were all hoping that first grade would be different.  It appeared to be as she was really excited about the first day of school.  Then I had to peel her off of my leg in order to leave her in the classroom.  Great, another year of fake illnesses coming up.  My oldest child is now in the fourth grade.  I attempted to walk her to her classroom, but she would only let me go as far as the front of the school.  I was completely disowned by my kid in front of the school.  Apparently, at least in front of the student body, I am not as cool as she thinks I am when we are listening to music and dancing around the kitchen while cooking dinner.  Then again, she did tell me that I was weird then too.  I might as well face it, I think I have lost all of my cool points with her.  The first day of school should really be followed by a support group of mothers at the local bar where margaritas are on the house.

Oh, but the first day of school got even better, I still had to pick them up.  The car pool line was insane, full of people who obviously did not know their head from a hole in the ground (really, these people should be a little embarrassed at this point).  These people even thought they should be in the car pool line a full hour before school was out!  Seeing that I did not feel that way (and I am sure that my two-year old that had to tag along thanked me for that), I was really far back in the line which did not bode well with my first grader since she asked me to be near the front of the line.  When asked how her day had gone, she replied with "great."  A sense of relief flowed through me.  Then I was slapped with "well, except...."  Apparently first grade, unlike kindergarten, did not have a long enough lunch time (although this child takes two hours to eat a sandwich, so I am not sure how long "enough" really is) so she did not get to eat her lunch [she only ate the grapes], recess was not long enough because she "didn't even get hot" (although it was like 110 degrees outside), and there was no nap time (ouch, I hear her on that one).  The good part of her day was that they sorted colors with Skittles, and the teacher let them bring home the candy to eat.  She then said, "but I guess I can't eat those since we can't have candy."  After learning her assumption was correct, she grumpily said that they did not have snack time either but they would tomorrow and could only bring fruit. 

First grade girl was still scowling out of the window when the too-cool-for-me fourth grade chick got in the van.  Apparently her day was great, but there was a homework assignment for me.  Wonderful, love these, they make my day (said no mother ever who was in her right mind).  My assignment, should I chose to accept it (which, by the way, I am thinking of not), is to write an essay about my daughter so that the teacher can know more about her.  Somehow I am thinking that simply writing "she is wonderful because she is mine" is not going to be acceptable or helpful.  It was then that my disappointed-she-is-not-still-in-kindergarten first grader sighed while looking out the window and made the intuitive statement, "Life sure does get harder after kindergarten."  If she only knew... maybe she should read my blog. - The first day of school should be followed by a mom support group at the local bar.

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