Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mommy Wars: Really, Are You Just Bored?

I am starting to think that some mothers are bored.  Do not ask me how this happens, because I too am at a loss of how this could occur.  However, there is evidence, hard evidence, that this is happening.  And maybe it has always been this way, but we have just never experienced it to this degree because we have never before been in a social media age as we are today.  Some of you reading this may have already guessed what I am speaking to, others may be getting their hackles raised, and yet some of you may not know because you seriously do not care (I applaud these people, not because they do not care to read this, but because they do not take part in what I am about to discuss).

Let me start by saying that I am not perfect, nor do I pretend to be (if you do not believe me, check out the rest of my blog because I am certainly not winning any Mother of the Year Awards).  However, there are some mothers out there who find pleasure in disrespecting other mothers because they have different views, opinions, or ideas from them.  I am not trying to start a heated argument, nor will I tolerate one on my blog, but this has to be said: It is ok for people to have different opinions.  As a matter of fact, people should have different opinions.  If everyone were the same, this world would be completely boring.

Why has it become a big deal if one person is a stay at home mom and another mother works outside of the home?  Why does it matter that one mother chooses to feed her baby formula and her neighbor exclusively breast feeds?  Does it really matter that this person that you talked to in the grocery store chooses to cosleep while you choose to put your baby in a crib in their own room?  Why are mothers arguing over these things?  Why does it matter what Sally Joe down the street does?  Can't we all just get along?  When did we become so closed minded that no one with a differing opinion can exist (peacefully anyway)?  Look in the mirror, are you guilty of this?  If you are, what is your problem?  Who made you the supreme expert on how everyone should raise their child?  As long as the child is healthy and happy, people should back off of each other.  Smile and waive at someone instead of glaring and pointing at them. 

My first child slept with us in the bed, however my other two did not.  I was a working mother when I had my first two children, but am now a stay at home mom.  My children, all three, were formula fed, and they are healthy and smart.  I drank coffee when I was pregnant with the last two, but did not touch caffeine when I was pregnant with the first one.  According to today's "mommy rules," I should be at odds with myself because I did not agree with myself on each child.  I have too many other issues to deal with, I do not need to kick myself (or other people) over what I did or did not do or what I plan to do or do not plan to do.  Focus on other things, people, like how do drive...have I talked about my carpool road rage lately?  Now that is a valid issue...