Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Great Masterpiece

This has not been a normal week for me.  Not that any week is "normal," I forgot what that word meant a long time ago.  Last week my 2 year old decided to leap out of her crib like she was Super Woman or something.  Sure, I was a little sad that the last kid was now out of the crib, but now gone forever was my chance to put her in her crib while I did something anything.  There is no way to contain her now, she can do anything (even though I can't, believe me, the irony is not lost on me). 

No longer is her naptime a time for me to do watch Nate Berkus or The View or clean the house (let's be honest, I like to watch tv when it isn't on NickJr.).  It is now a time when I have to stop her from jumping on her big-girl bed or climbing out of it or pulling pictures off the wall (different story for a later time).  Now I have to watch her on the video monitor instead of watching Nate.  Because the big mistake is not watching her, which I found out the other morning.

While I was cleaning the house the other morning (yes, cleaning, not sitting with my feet up in the air on the recliner watching tv), my two year old was creating a masterpiece.  While I thought she was sleeping, she was making a blue piece of artwork on her yellow walls.  Let me pause here to interject that she has no paint or crayons in her room.  The day before, at her big sister's school, she had been giving a cupcake with blue icing.  That's right people, I said blue.  Her great masterpiece on her yellow wall was made with her very own blue poop.

The end....there is nothing more I can say after that.

Funny Family Ecard: Wife to husband: 'Hi, you won't believe what YOUR child just did. Please come home and deal with her.'

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