Friday, October 12, 2012

The Pinterest Wedding: Unrealistic Expectations

Pinterest....a place for people to develop the electronic hoarding habit and unrealistic expectations in every aspect of life.  Today's topic: Weddings.  Pinterest has boosted wedding planning to a whole new level, making the moment of engagement and the wedding seem more important that the actual marriage itself.  In my opinion, the following are the most ludicrous of the pins of expectations that I have seen on Pinterest.

  1. Rules for getting engaged (according to someone on Pinterest who obviously has not been engaged or married): "Make it a complete surprise."  For whom?  The girl?  Real life: the girl has the guy so manipulated that he is the one surprised when he pops the question because even he didn't know he was going to do it.  "Let the best friends help with the ring.", because the girl has probably already picked out the ring and had the jeweler lead him to it.  "Get somebody to catch it on camera."  Let's see, unless the previous rule of making it a complete surprise has been broken, the guy will not do this.  The only way this is happening is if the girl planned it.  But seriously, the money for the photographer could have gone toward the ring.
  2. That brings me to the ring.  There are pins of rings, beautiful rings, that only a very wealthy person could afford.  What does this do to the guy if this is what you are expecting?  You haven't even gotten married (or engaged) yet and you are already projecting unrealistic expectations on him and your future.  Save the extra money for your future together.
  3. Wedding dresses and fantastically fattening food.  These two do not mix.  If you eat all of that food that you are pinning, you most certainly will not fit into that wedding dress even if you do all of those workouts that you pin after salivating over the food.
  4. "Cutesy" ways of asking friends to be your bridesmaid.  News flash: your closest friends already know you are engaged because you have told them that he was going to ask you to marry him because rule or no rule, you knew about it.  Because this is the case, if you don't ask them to be in your wedding, you will no longer have friends.  So, save your time and money and just verbally ask them, they will still say "yes" even if there is no poem about your friendship (which will probably make some of them cringe on the inside anyway).
  5. Elaborate wedding decorations, favors, etc.  Keep your wedding simple and sweet, your husband and you are the only ones who will remember it (mostly because a photographer was appropriately hired for this occasion), and no one else really cares how elaborate it is.  Focus more on the marriage, not the wedding.

Disclaimer: I am not a cynical person, I just think that the planning for weddings spiral out of control, and leads the couple down an unrealistic path of unattainable expectations that life has to be like a magazine or movie or fairytale.  Plus, most guys will not be that in to planning for the wedding, even if they pretend, so give them a break.

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  1. We did a list just like this! Pinterest weddings make me happy that we have been married for 17 years! Great piece! Erin


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