Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Wives Don't Let Husbands Go Grocery Shopping with Friends

I cleaned out the cabinets in my kitchen today (an incredibly boring task that I despise doing).  As I was doing this, I found TONS of spices (that we don't use).  I'm talking name brand spices in the big container that cost a fortune.  I do not buy these spices, these spices were purchased by my husband when he was let loose in the grocery store with friends.

My husband cannot be the only one who does this.  Whenever we have company over, the guys find some reason to go to the grocery story (as if we don't have enough things stuffed into our tiny kitchen cabinets).  This seems innocent enough, but my husband just doesn't go buy something that we are out of, he buys things that we already have only he gets the extremely large, name brand version because he thinks we do not have any of it.  Seriously, black pepper is an example (salt would be another).  These are things that a college kid would have in their dorm room so of course I have it in my kitchen.  It goes beyond that though, he picks up things that we do not use or use few and far between.  Things that we do not need the incredibly large and extremely expensive version (think fennel seeds....do you even know what those are?  Yeah, neither did he, but it sounded good at the time).  He also loses all sense of portion size.  Suddenly 10 pounds of chicken seems like a good idea to bring home to cook, keep in mind that I nor our youngest eat meat and our two that do can split a piece.

This is where I need to interject and say that this ONLY happens when he goes to the grocery store with his friends, it does not happen when I send him to the grocery store by himself.  When he goes by himself, he uses his cell phone to call home and ask me a question on every aisle to make sure that he is getting the correct item.  So why can he not do this when he goes shopping with his friends?  Why must he spend $80 on a shopping trip that should have cost $10?  Is he the only husband that does this? 


  1. K-ster would go and buy all of the Dinty Moore stew in the entire store, if I sent him by himself. I don't know what it is about that stuff. The only time we ever went shopping together, we had a showdown in the middle of the aisle when he put cans of Dinty Moore beef stew in the cart. He's never been with me since and if I send him to get anything, it's just one specific item that I need THAT INSTANT so he doesnt' lollygag and go crazy!

  2. No they all do it, so that we will ban them and then they never have to go again...they aren't as dumb as we think


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