Thursday, August 18, 2016

Back to School: Labels

I am a type A personality, I like everything organized and neat.  I also like school supplies.  I was that kid who was more excited to go to the office supply store to buy school supplies than to go to the mall for shoes.  As an adult, it has not gotten much better.  The only difference now is that I have passed this office-supply-loving gene down to my children.  They love these stores too! Now if only I could get them as organized as I secretly wish they were. 

I currently have one child in junior high (8th grade), two children in elementary school (1st and 5th grades), and one child that stays at home with me (2 year old).  For the two that are in elementary school, I label everything.  For the one that is in junior high, I feel privileged when she allows me to label things.  That being said, I am about to focus on my two elementary children and their labels.  Everyday I have to pack them a snack in a zip-top bag with their name on it.  I know that it is easy to write their name on the bag with a Sharpie, but I love labels.  I can't help it, it's my type A personality.  So, I used Avery labels and to create labels for their snack bags.  These labels were so cute, that I could not just use them on their snack bags.  With my new revelation (and labels), my type A personality and I went roaming throughout the house to find other things to label for school.  I have now labeled their devices, folders, notebooks, pencil bags, pencil boxes, and snack bags.  I am sure that I can find more things later, but for now it is a good start.  Now I want you to see how cute these labels are:

If you can't tell, I am very excited about these labels.  Look how cute they are on their school items:

I love how the labels look on everything, but these snack bags really have my heart because I don't have to write on them anymore:

These labels were very easy to create.  First I bought the Avery labels at Office Depot.  Then I went to the Avery website listed on the package, typed in my product code, chose my label design, typed in my child's name, and printed the labels.  So easy that even I can't make it sound complicated.  This in no way was sponsored by Avery, nor did I receive anything for this post.  I just love the product (I love labels) and wanted to share.  I hope you all have a great back to school!

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