Wednesday, August 17, 2016

#WIDN: Planning Flower Containers for Fall

What I'm doing now....thinking of is just right around the corner.  I know, I know, it is only August, and I live in Texas so it won't be cooling off any time soon.  However, I need to go ahead and plan what I am going to plant in my containers for fall.  I will not be ripping everything out that I had planted for the spring and summer (click here to see what I had planted) because some of it will still be blooming/growing into the fall.  I love fall, I love the coziness of if, the change of seasons, football, Halloween, Thanksgiving...the list is long.  As usual, I have sketched out my plans for the pots that are having a make-over.  But before we get to that, let me show you my fall porch from a couple of years ago from our previous house:

Mums, crotons, zinnias, ivy, and pumpkins....porch made in Heaven.  I am aiming to recreate this slice of Heaven this year on our porch.  The space we have at this house is more than what we had in that picture, so I have more to work with.  Hopefully it will give me goosebumps like this porch gave me.  So without further ado, let me share my plans with you.  Now remember, I have several containers that are not changing at all (10 to be exact).  I have a total of 5 in the front of the house that are completely changing or getting a make-over.  Here are my plans for the front porch:

My sweet potato vines that are currently taking over my life will still be growing and looking good this fall, so I am not removing them from their containers.  There are two other containers that are not pictured that will be filled with mums, crotons, and twinspurs.

To better give you an idea of the color pallet, here is a collage I made from pictures I found on the internet of these plants I have planned to plant.

My back patio is also getting a fall make-over.  A total 3 out of 16 containers will be re-done for fall.  Here are my plans for the patio containers:

Again, to give you a better idea of the color pallet I will be working with , I have gathered some pictures from the internet:

I cannot wait to get started on these fall containers, but I do have to wait a few weeks.  But that won't stop me from eating soup and dreaming about cool breezes.

Here are more links for other landscaping that I have done:

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