Thursday, August 25, 2016

Yard Tour: {Late Summer} What's Growing in My Yard

I did a Yard Tour (see that post here) back in June for my spring blooms, but now it is late August in Texas, so it is hot (very hot).  I have several containers on my front porch, in my front flower bed, and on my back patio because this is a hobby that I really enjoy (see my post on Front Porch Container Gardening here).  Plants and flowers look different in late August than they do at the end of May or early June.  Some have gotten bigger, some have bloomed more, and some have suffered heat exhaustion.  Fortunately, few of my plants have suffered from the latter, even here in Texas.  I made sure that I planned for that factor when I was determining what I was going to plant in my flower beds and containers.  Some of these plants and flowers in the containers will be replaced soon with fall and winter plants that will give me color and blooms all the way until spring (see my post on Planning Containers for Fall here).

I take tons of pictures of my plants and flowers (just see my Instagram account for proof) so I have a lot to show you.  Please tour my yard via my pictures below.  Enjoy!

All of the colors of lantana make me swoon.  I love this plant.

Lantana has my heart....
...I just love it... is a perfect plant..
Ferns also make my heart pitter patter because of all of the different kinds and different textures.

These foxtail ferns line my front walkway.
These hanging ferns beckon me to come sit in my rocking chair and drink some sweet tea.
My macho fern takes over the front porch with its presence of is huge!

The wispy fronds of this asparagus fern graces my coffee table on the back patio.
My front porch is a place where I like to relax any time during the day with coffee or tea.

All of the green on my front porch seems to cool down the hot Texas heat.
The red sister cordyline plant on my front porch reminds me of Dr. Seuss's truffula trees.
Left to themselves, these sweet potato vines would take over the world.
The hotter it gets, the more this plumbago bush blooms...who wouldn't love that?

Vincas, turnera, and sweet potato vine, oh my.
Purple sweet potato vine against white vinca flowers make for a contrasting heaven.
Sweet Potato Vines have taken over my life, they are such a great plant that I put them in almost every container. 

More sweet potato vine paired this time with red and white vincas and purple angelonia.
I have been so in love with this angelonia all season that it is going to be true heartbreak to see it go.
This yellow turnera blooming over the sweeping sweet potato vine makes this view a favorite of mine.
I grew this creeping fig ivy from some pieces that I found on the ground at the local nursery.
This society garlic adds a little bit of class to the corner of the front walkway.
I love different textures and colors, even when it is the foliage of the plants, not just the blooms.

I love the leaves of the bottle brush bush...
...these leaves are great, and when the red blooms appear, the contrast is fantastic!
The purple and green leaves of the lorapetalum are set off against a backdrop of dark green wax leaf lugustrom.
My back patio is a great place to have a cup of coffee in the morning with its shade and constant breeze, and these plants provide a great view.

This red coleus has a great hue.
I love the veined leaf of this chicken gizzard plant which is really set off by the blue daze it is planted with.
The blooms of this blue daze go on for days...
This container of pentas and vincas has become my favorite container...
These perfect every time I look at them.
And the bright vibrant color of these red vincas....all of it just makes me happy.
These purslane blooms open every morning so bright and happy...if only we could all wake up like that.
If all of these blooms weren't enough...the hibiscus try to steal the show with their multitude of beautiful blooms.

Thank you for touring my yard!

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