Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Homemade Gifts: Slow Cooker Chocolate Candy

I have a confession: I am addicted to the Food Network.  I feel like I really know those people personally because they cook in my house everyday.  I am also addicted to HGTV, but that is another post.  Back to the Food Network.  I love making Christmas goodies....cookies {see more here}, hot chocolate mix {see more here}, and now (thanks to Trisha Yearwood) slow cooker chocolate candy with peanuts.  Second confession of the day: this recipe is not mine, I saw it on Trisha's cooking show.  I am here however to tell you how absolutely delicious and easy it is to make (and gift).

The ingredients are simple: roasted salted peanuts, German chocolate, chocolate chips, and white almond bark.  Throw it all in a slow cooker....

Cook on low for 3 hours, stir, scoop into paper muffin cups (I had my muffin cups lined up on a cookie sheet and scooped the chocolate candy with an ice cream scooper), let the candy set, pop them out of the muffin cups, and eat...I mean place in a pretty Christmas tin and give to your neighbors, friends, teachers, everyone!

When layering the candy in your tin, make sure to separate each layer with a piece of wax paper.

For the full recipe by Trisha Yearwood, click here.

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