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  • Halloween DIY Decorations
  • Kids' Party Activity: Decorating Cupcakes
  • 100th Day of School Project: Sucker Plant

Halloween DIY Decorations
Spray paint cheap wood picture frames glossy black.  Use scrapbook paper to create background and letters.

Kids' Party Activity: Decorating Cupcakes
I recently had to plan the Valentine's Day Party for my daughter's kindergarten class.  When trying to think of a fun activity for the kids to do, I came up with this less messy cupcake decorating idea.  Here is what we did (supplies and instructions after pictures):

  1. Enough cupcakes for everyone in the class.  These cupcakes do not need to be iced (that's for he kids to do).  I made red velvet cupcakes (click here for the recipe). 
  2. Clear short plastic cups (enough for everyone)
  3. Stickers to decrate the cups
  4. Icing (click here for the cream cheese icing recipe)
  5. Sprinkles (we had sprinkles, chocolate chips, and marshmallows)
  6. Clear plain cellophane treat bags
  7. Curling ribbon
  8. Plastic spoons (for the sprinkles)
  9. Plasic knives (to spread the icing)
  10. Plastic bowls (to put the sprinkles in)
  1. First, give the children their clear plastic cup and decorate with stickers.
  2. Next, have children ice their cupcake.
  3. Now children need to place their iced (un-sprinkled) cupcake into the clear plastic cup.
  4. Then, (this is the part the kids like) let the kids sprinkle their cupcake that is now in the plastic cup.  Because the cupcake is in the cup, the mess of "the falling sprinkles" is contained.
  5. After the child has finished decorating (sprinkling) their cupcake, an adult needs to place the cup containing the cupcake into the clear plain cellophane treat bag and tie with curling ribbon.
  6. Now the child can take home their decorated cupcake.

100th Day of School Project: Sucker Plant
We had to come up with a project for my kindergartner for her 100th day of school.  The only requirements for the project was that it had to have 100 items.  Since my 6 year old is a self-proclaimed "hungry, hungry, candy-eating machine," we decided to "grow" a sucker plant.  Here is how we did this:

Note:  Somehow I managed to not get a picture of the "Sucker Plant" in full bloom...some of the suckers seemed to have been plucked. Now I wonder which child might have done that?!

  1. 1 six-inch terra cotta pot
  2. 1 saucer to go with the terra cotta pot
  3. 1 green floral foam ball (5-inches to go inside the pot)
  4. 1 dowel rod (this is the trunk or stem of the plant; thick enough to hold up the sucker plant)
  5. 1 6-inch white styrofoam ball (to put the suckers in)
  6. 1 package of green Spanish moss
  7. 100 suckers
  8. Thin pink satin ribbon (to wind around the dowel rod)
  9. Hot pink paint
  10. Foam paint brushes
  11. Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  12. Super Glue
  1. First, my daughter painted the pot and the saucer hot pink.  This took about 3 coats, allowing the paint to dry in between coats.
  2. Second, we super glued the saucer to the bottom of the pot.
  3. Then we hot glued the green floral foam ball to the inside of the pot.
  4. Next we wrapped the pink ribbon around the dowel rod (leaving enough blank space at each end for the dowel rod to be inserted into the green floral foam ball and the white styrofoam ball).  The ribbon was super glued to the dowel rod at the end we started wrapping and at the end where we stopped.
  5. Then we inserted the dowel rod into the green floral foam ball and we inserted the white styrofoam ball onto the dowel rod.  We also used glue to insure that the styrofoam ball would stay on the dowel rod.
  6. The next step was hot gluing the Spanish moss to the green floral foam ball.
  7. The last thing my daughter did was count out 100 suckers and stick them on her plant.
Note: This project does not take long to do.  The longest part is waiting for the paint to dry.

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